A collection of driftwood paintings, cards and prints by Artist Lizzie Spikes.

Run from a small wooden cabin, Driftwood Designs is a company that has evolved and grown alongside the designs and products that Lizzie Spikes creates. Formed in 2011 by Welsh artist and illustrator Lizzie Spikes along with Becky Barratt as businesswoman, Driftwood designs now produces a large range of cards, prints, posters and gifts and currently sullies over 50 small independent retailers across Wales. The designs are bold and distinctive and largely inspired by Wales - its language, landscape and culture. All of the products are printed locally on a recycled card and keeping the production within Wales is important to them. 

Driftwood designs recently published there first book 'Gyda'n Gilydd' which is an illustrated collection of the Welsh rhymes and songs through which Lizzie learnt the language at Cylch Meithrin. The book is distributed by the Welsh Books Council and is proving a big success and most importantly bringing the rhymes to a whole new generation of children. 

You can see Driftwood designs at events across Wales throughout the year. Details of where they'll be are to be found on Facebook or through their own website or please contact [email protected] with any enquiries you might have.